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Artisan Speciality Tea from Myanmar

Phyu Thwe Founder

Mogok Tea’s goals are to produce high quality, organic teas by working alongside nature. To create long lasting and rewarding careers in tea for local people, by providing hands on training at Mogok tea factory. To protect the environment by developing production methods that keep sustainability
at the forefront of all decisions and to prevent destruction of the local environment as a result of mining, by offering alternative work to miners.

Rooted in family history, 5 trees estate was chosen as the birthplace of Mogok tea in order to honour our founder, Phyu Thwe’s mother who used to rest in the shade of the trees after collecting wood from the forest.

Phyu ThweFounder Mogok Tea

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Our Teas

BLACK TEA: It is extremely rare to find black tea being made in Myanmar and our carefully crafted black tea is a real gem. With a naturally sweet and fruity character and deep richness, this tea is a perfect way to start the day

GREEN TEA: Fresh and floral with citrus and tropical fruity notes that reflect the surrounding environment, Mogok green tea is lively, light and packed full of polyphenols.

WHITE TEA: Our expertly made white tea is crafted with meticulous care and patience.  Mogok white tea can only be produced when weather conditions are ideal. Mogok white tea is delicate, sweet, floral and utterly moreish.

The Story of Mogok Tea

The Five Trees Estate Mogok. The development of a micro tea factory and the creation of new teas.

With humble beginnings Phyu is embarking on a project to bring a better quality of life to her staff and advance the tea process on her family's land.

The meaning of the name.

Five Trees Estate

Named after the 5 ancient and symbolic trees at the entrance to the estate that have provided shelter for travellers for many years.
There is a Buddhist temple and several shrines underneath the different trees.
The shrines are maintained by locals with fresh flowers and water for visitors changed daily

The family's tea plantation.

Phyu’s Family Own Tea Plantations in Mogok,100 Acres of old tea plants 80 acres newly planted Tea 25kg tea produced per month by hand.

Background to Tea in Myanmar

Poor history

Mogok is 200K north of Mandalay.
The main industry is mining which is destroying the environment.
Tea has a very low value in Myanmar as it is given free to customers in restaurants.
99% of tea produced in Myanmar is green tea.
Tea is harvested during two seasons which are April – June and October – December
Production methods are basic and not standardised. tea is often sun dried and sometimes withered overnight before firing. Most tea produced is of variable quality

The Vision

Create high quality tea and generate new interest in tea making
Sustainable livelihoods
Offer training for other small scale tea makers
Raise environmental awareness
Use profits to set up recycling scheme

Building work has begun

After a research trip to Sri Lanka, the building was designed and constructed in approximately 2 months.

The Project

The first few days were spent setting up the power supply, cleaning the new factory, setting up and installing equipment and giving staff training in areas such as hygiene.

With help from The Scottish Tea Factory and Tea consultant Beverly Wainwright.

The long term aim is to continue reinvesting in training and the improving the tea production process.

It all starts with the leaf

Plucking analysis was carried out to determine and improve quality.

With the ability to carry out new experiments and refining the White, Black and Green tea process.

Tasting and Assessment

Staff training in tea tasting and assessment is now given with continuous improvement in all processes.


The plight of Myanmar over the years does not receive the press coverage it deserves. Phyu is a true inspiration. Her determination to improve the quality of life for her local community is emotionally overwhelming. Her commitment to sustainability and quality of tea production is again utterly astonishing, when you consider what she has achieved so far.

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